Appointments & Visits

Our services are often in high demand, so please arrive at your appointment at least 10 minutes prior.  This allows your animal to be relaxed and be ready for the session.  We understand that unexpected event do occur, so please inform us immediately if you are running late or unable to attend. 

For the consideration of other customers, we reserved the rights to shorten session or cancel your appointment when you are running late.  

Before the first visit ...

Your vet is the best person to start a discussion on treatments we offer for your animal.  For us to tailor a rehabilitation program for your animal, we need a complete medical history and surgery notes.  They will help us identify issues that need attention.

Email the medical history

Booking your first visit

On the first visit ...

We will have an initial consultation on the first visit by conducting a thorough examination of your animal.  We will compare with previously supplied medical history and surgery notes (if applicable) to identify conditions that require treatment.  Our staff will then design a recovery program tailored to your canine friend.

Regular revisits are vital ...

To get a best outcome, regular revisits are essential.  Our staff make detailed notes on each visit, so improvement can be closely monitored.  Where necessary, recovery program will be adjusted to give a best outcome.

Bookings for revisits