About Us

We have been living happily in outer eastern suburb of Melbourne.  Returned from our steady full-time jobs, Sebastian (a golden labrador cross) always more excited to see us than Missy Moo (our “grumpy” cat).

As Sebastian grew a little older, we adopted Buddy (a red heeler cross staffy) as a pup from a foster family in Lara, Victoria.  He excelled in various dog obedience training (not bad for a dog from a council pound in Broken Hills in outback New South Wales).  He then continued with flyball training.  He loved the fast paced relay race over jumps to retrieve a tennis ball.  We travelled to many local competitions, and one national event held interstate.

As time passed, we start to notice a little lamenss and a few limps, usually after competitions.  So we seeked advice and researched far and wide.

Meanwhile, juggling our busy life in Melbourne, we started to help raise labrador puppies for the Border Force Detector Dog Program.  We have 3 dogs on a medium sized suburban block.  So we started to look for a semi-rural property further away from the big smoke.  We eventually found a 5 acre property just outside Lara, Victoria and moved there in October 2017.

We soon found out that there is no suitable rehabilitation facilities in Geelong.  Buddy eventually underwent Cruciate Ligament (ACL) surgery followed by regular rehabilitation sessions in Whittlesea, a 4-hour return trip away.  Knowing that as animal age, most owners would seek medical treatment to improve quality of life.  So the idea of establishing a canine fitness and rehabilitation business was born.