Myotherapy aims to identify and treat muscular injury, weakness, muscle spasm, and associated compensatory issues.  It uses targetted massage techniques enabling the therapist to work on the appropriate muscles to reduce stress, improve circulation, muscle function, and ultimately eliminate pain.  This can aid in the enhancement of their performance, well-being, and recovery.  The treatments used will restore and maintain the normal integrity of soft tissue structures (muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia).

Regularly, muscular issues in dogs can establish themselves in many different ways.  Quite often muscle pain in dogs can be difficult to diagnose.  It is surprising how muscular pain can affect the dog in a negative way, this in turn has an effect on how the dog functions both physically and physiologically.

Myotherapy not only works on the joints and muscles, but can influence the circulation throughout the body resulting in better distribution of oxygen and nutrients. In addition to this myotherapy also encourages lymph flow, allowing metabolic waste to be released more efficiently.


Hip dysplasia

Muscular injuries

Muscle weakness and spasms

Reduce pain